At AN Supply Chain Management Consulting we believe that every company should be able to enjoy the benefits that come with supply chain management and we want to help you put in place processes and operations that will transform your business.

We offer custom built solutions that cover:


Our consultants will sit down with your team so we can model your current processes in order to design supply chain solutions that perfectly fit your operation. AN SCM Consulting will help you establish an effective logistics network, coordinate complex inbound/outbound logistics and supply chain execution, put in place robust risk management procedures, streamline operational planning and maximize supply chain sustainability to give your company the competitive edge and ensure that your supply chain works effectively from start to finish.

Companies frequently struggle with the following problems:

– Stock levels that are too high and contain the wrong items
– An excess of pending urgent orders
– Delivery and customer service levels that are lower than they should be
– Planning cycle times that are overly long
– Non-optimal cash flow
– Operational inefficiencies
– Low capacity utilization

Inefficient supply chain planning processes may result in several of the above problems arising together. By improving your planning methods and refining your supply chain operations your company can run efficiently and with maximum effect!

Supply Chain Management


Logistics underpin the fabric of a successful business, if warehouses and transport channels are unable to communicate effectively your customers and consequently your business will suffer.

An effective logistics system will prevent mistakes happening, increase efficiency, sustainability and opportunities and ultimately keep costs down and productivity up.

Above all AN SCM Logistics consulting will help you to provide the best service at the lowest price. By analyzing, planning and reorganizing your logistics network we will help you put in place strategies for transport, inventory and location that align with your customer service goals; allowing you to offer your customers more transparency and greater results when they order with you, so that they can follow their order through the system and so can you.


AN SCM Consulting understands that warehousing and manufacturing are essential parts of your distribution process.

We know that in order to respond to the demands of an ever evolving marketplace your warehouse solutions need to offer maximum capacity and productivity. We support you in planning every area of your warehouse operations, such as: optimised layout, inventory optimisation, storage specification, equipment choices, IT solutions, automation possibilities and streamlining processes.

At AN SCM Consulting we understand that manufacturing constitutes a big financial commitment that is difficult to relocate or sell. As such we want to help you put in place a flexible, efficient system that can adapt to a changing marketplace. Manufacturing excellence means improved inventory turns, bigger operating margins and better returns for your business.

We use our significant expertise and operational experience to guide you in balancing your warehouse and manufacturing efficiency alongside excellent customer service levels so that you can offer your clients the best!


Let our consultants optimize your business processes by sitting down with your team and modelling your current operations. We analyse your work streams and information flows and identify possible areas for improvement so that we can guide you through the best tools and methods available in order to improve and enhance your company’s business processes in line with your business and functional strategies.

By optimizing your business processes you are creating valuable assets such as: improved cycle time, quality, service and cost – all of which will have a significant impact on your organization’s market share and profitability. We will also assist you to align and set up the right information systems for your company’s needs.


In our experience when a company is growing there is always a requirement for additional back office functionality. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a modular software system that will help you streamline and automate activities and tasks in every office department.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provides companies with the technology needed to provide back office support in order to enhance planning, executions and management.

ANSCM Consulting offers ERP software systems implementations with a focus on the Economic/Reviso software, starting from the very early analysis stage until project sign-off.

We do not believe that it is a possibility to use excel for everything – especially within a growing business – and, consequently, we have chosen an easy to use and very practical ERP system provided by Visma e-conomic a/s.  

We offer trainings, advisory, design, integration and implementation services across all Economic/Reviso modules and provide application maintenance services.


AN SCM Consulting wants to help you add value to your business by implementing the ISO 9001 quality management system so that your company can operate to a global standard in your area of expertise.

ISO 9001 is the international standard for a quality management system. If your organization is searching for a stronger return on investment, then implementation of an ISO 9001 QMS is worth considering.

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System will help you to optimize/improve productivity and processes, reduce waste, improve profitability and stand out from your competitors. The ISO 9001 Quality Management System is suitable for all organizations, including production and manufacturing, service, distribution and all other organizations of any size.

If you lack the internal staff to oversee the ISO certification process (within your supply chain as well as throughout all other processes in your company), choose ANSCM as your experienced ISO 9001 consulting partner to help you implement and maintain your new quality management system.