With many years of industry experience, both nationally and internationally, AN Supply Chain Management Consulting understands the value of supply chain management and what it can do for your company. We work with businesses big and small across the EMEA region, to make sure your processes and operations are streamlined and optimized, and to make your company more efficient, productive, adaptable and sustainable.

Offering the implementation and maintenance of ISO 9001 quality management systems, AN SCM Consulting will help you harness the power of supply chain management so that you can align your processes with your business and functional strategies.

Our experienced consultants are specialists in the field of supply chain management and will work closely with you to assess the needs of your business, design solutions and implement them so that you have the support needed to provide your company with the systems for success.


Sławomir Niewiadomski

ISO Services Consultant

Slawomir is a specialist in management systems compliant with the requirements of ISO series standards.

With 25 years of experience, he has substantial knowledge of designing, implementing and supervising management systems in production, service and public administration plants. He has managed a large portfolio of successful projects recognized by international organizations certifying management systems such as DEKRA, DNV or PCBC (Polish Centre for Testing and Certification).

Slawomir specializes in integrating existing quality ISO 9001 compliant management systems with ISO 2700 1 compliant information security management systems, including elements of information asset risk management, auditing integrated management systems and analysis and optimization of production, service and administrative processes.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Artur has worked in rail and road transport logistics across the Europe, warehouse logistics and processes, goods flow management, process optimization and quality control.

Since 2015 Artur has been working as Supply Chain Manager across the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) but also has managing operation within South America Asia and New Zealand. His extensive international experience has been strengthened by cooperating with renowned Danish companies – such as Danfoss and Vestas, amongst others. Artur’s breadth of experience allows him to understand the needs of both small and medium SMEs and well-established businesses. His highly analytical skills allow him to choose the best solutions and tailor them to his clients’ needs.

Artur specializes in process optimization and implementation, control and management of supply chain processes at all levels – from operational to purely strategic activities –  as well as various types of ERP systems (especially E-conomic and Reviso), knowledge of CRM systems and consulting in the field of optimization of logistics costs.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics and a Master’s degree in Business Management, both gained in Poland.


Artur Niewiadomski

Founder, Supply Chain Management Consultant


Let our experienced consultants optimize your supply chain processes by contacting AN Supply Chain Management Consulting so we can talk through any questions you have about logistics and operations. With over 25 years of international and national industry experience we know how to support your company and enhance your business.