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Effectivity in your supply chain is critical to being competitive and relevant in your industry.  We know that every case is different and as a result we offer flexible solutions and the ability to adjust to a range of working environments.

AN Supply Chain Management Consulting works with you to create high-performance supply chain solutions. With our many years of experience, we understand that every case is different, which is a challenge but also an excellent learning tool – for our customers, and for us. This practical approach helps us to utilise our experience to develop supply chain processes effectively and according to constant market changes.

We help you modernize your supply chain while decreasing operational costs, in order to gain the speed and flexibility to respond to new challenges and opportunities without adding risk to your ongoing operations.



Supply Chain Management Features that will make your company stand out Inventory Management

Supply chain management will revolutionise your inventory management by improving tracking and management of production supplies such as raw materials and component parts; spare parts for field service and support and finished goods to fulfil open sales orders.

By improving your inventory management processes you will eliminate waste, excess product and unnecessary costly storage solutions, effectively providing you with more storage space to enable your company’s future growth.


Your procurement processes can be streamlined across your whole supplier network with supply chain management software. Sourcing, purchasing and payables don’t need to take up valuable time and resources by being done manually, they can be automated so that your company can build stronger relationships with suppliers, helping you to analyze their performance and providing you with a greater scope for negotiating and leveraging the scale and discounting of your future orders.

Efficient and reliable logistics are a vital part of the success of your business. As your company expands your supply chains are likely to become more and more complicated to coordinate. Accurate and timely communications between numerous warehouses and transportation channels are essential for your company to run smoothly. Supply chain software ensures that you are able to offer your customers faster delivery times and visibility into the storage and distribution of their goods no matter how large or complicated the network they are moving through.

With supply chain management, organizations can more accurately anticipate customer demand and plan their procurement and production processes accordingly. As a result, they can avoid unnecessary purchases of raw-materials, eliminate manufacturing over-runs, and prevent the need to store excess finished goods, or slash prices to move products off of warehouse shelves.

With over 10 years of international experience, having worked in 15 + countries across the EMEA region, our consultants are open minded and able to analyse problems from many different perspectives to find solutions tailor-made for our clients.

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John Doe
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International Experience

During many years of working experience, we have been working within 15 + countries from the whole EMEA region. Thanks to that, our consultants are very openminded and are able to analyse problem from many different perspectives and conclude on a solutions that fits the most to the current problem.


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Benefitting from fixing supply chain processes shouldn’t have to break the bank. At AN SCM Consulting we believe any organization, big or small, that is ready to commit to world standards, deserves the best at reasonable costs. Let our consultants show you how we can improve, not only your organizational processes but your bottom line as well.


Professional approach

We believe that every case is different and requires detailed analysis before we can take steps to improve your supply chain processes. Our consultants approach all customers with the same diligence and professionalism, because in our opinion every company deserves to have an efficient supply chain.

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AN SCM Consulting enhances your operation from start to finish by optimizing your whole supply chain. We help you establish an effective logistics network, coordinate complex inbound/outbound logistics and supply chain execution, put in place robust risk management procedures, streamline operational planning and maximize supply chain sustainability to give your company the competitive edge.

Companies frequently struggle with the following problems:

– Stock levels that are too high and contain the wrong items
– An excess of pending urgent orders
– Delivery and customer service levels that are lower than they should be
– Planning cycle times that are overly long
– Non-optimal cash flow
– Operational inefficiencies
– Low capacity utilization

Inefficient supply chain planning processes may result in several of the above problems arising together. By improving your planning methods and refining your supply chain operations your company can run efficiently and with maximum effect!



An effective logistics system should prevent mistakes happening, increase efficiency, sustainability and opportunities and ultimately keep costs down and productivity up.

AN SCM Logistics Consulting helps you to achieve the best service at the lowest price, through proper planning and by reorganizing your logistics network. This involves putting in place strategies for transport, inventory and location and aligning them with your customer service goals.

We work with our clients by establishing efficient and enhanced logistics network capacity on a daily basis.



AN SCM Consulting understands that for a warehouse to operate at its optimum output it must be looked at holistically. We support you in every area of your warehouse and production management, such as: layout, equipment choices, IT solutions, automation possibilities and streamlining processes.

We know that manufacturing constitutes a huge element of your company’s financial outlay and we want to help you put in place a flexible, efficient system that can adapt to a demanding and changing marketplace.

We use our significant expertise and operational experience to guide you in balancing your warehouse and manufacturing efficiency alongside excellent customer service levels so that you can offer your clients the best!



Take advantage of our extensive experience & knowledge base of supply chain management and let our consultants work with you and your team to analyze your current work streams and information flows and identify possible areas for improvement. AN SCM Consulting uses this understanding of your current processes to guide you through the best tools and methods available in order to improve and optimize your company’s business processes in line with your business and functional strategies.

By optimizing your business processes, you are creating valuable assets that will have a significant impact on your organization’s market share and profitability. We also assist you to align and set up the right information systems and organization going forward.



Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provides companies with the technology needed to provide back office support in order to enhance planning, executions and management.

AN SCM Consulting offers ERP software systems implementations with a focus on the Economic/Reviso software, starting from the very early analysis stage until project sign-off.

We do not believe that it’s possible to use excel for everything – especially within a growing business – and, consequently, we have chosen an easy to use and very practical ERP system provided by Visma e-conomic a/s.

We offer training, advisory, design, integration and implementation services across all Economic/Reviso modules and provide application maintenance services.



Does your company need ISO 9001 certification? You are in good hands!

ISO 9001 is the international standard for a quality management system (QMS). If your organization is searching for a stronger return on investment, then implementation of an ISO 9001 QMS is worth considering.

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System will help you to optimize/improve productivity and processes, reduce waste, improve profitability and stand out from your competitors. The ISO 9001 Quality Management System is suitable for all organizations, including production and manufacturing, service, distribution and all other organizations of any size.

If you lack the internal staff to oversee the ISO certification process (within your supply chain as well as throughout all other processes in your company), choose AN SCM Consulting as your experienced ISO 9001 consulting partner to help you implement and maintain your new quality management system.